Tea Time

Tea Time is a family run company, founded out of a love for craft tea. With over four generations in the tea business we have built trusted long lasting relationships with tea suppliers all over the world. Our tea is curated in countries such as Kenya, India, Japan, China and many other well known tea producing counties. These countries have the best climate and nutrient rich soils and therefore produce the highest grades of tea. Our goal is to introduce fresh seasonal terroir teas from the most exquisite tea estates and gardens around the world. We care about the land where our teas and herbs are grown and for those who grow them, therefore we carry a large selection of organic, fair trade teas and tisanes.  

Tea like wine is complex and fascinating. The heart of our passion is our terroir tea collection. Most teas found in grocery stores, restaurants even in many tea shops are usually blended. However, when you enjoy a true cup of fresh craft tea from a single batch the tea expresses distinct aspects of that tea estates climate, soil, and farming processes thereby showcasing the worlds unique microclimates. 

Over the years our customers have come to appreciate the quality and taste of our  premium looseleaf teas and we always strive to educate and share our knowledge.