Join us and discover the world’s greatest teas. Every Saturday morning between 9.30am-10.30 am, we will host a relaxed one-hour tasting of teas.

1st Saturday of the month
Introduction – A beginner’s guide to Green, Oolong and Black teas from major tea producing regions in China, Japan and India.

2nd Saturday of the month
Black  – The history of black tea consumption from Wuyi to Assam, via Japan, Taiwan and Darjeeling.

3rd Saturday of the month
Green – Fired, steamed and shaded styles of green tea from China, Japan and Korea.

4th Saturday of the month
Oolong – Partially oxidised teas from Taiwan, Wuyi and the Phoenix Mountains.

5th Saturday of the month (when applicable)
Aged – The effect of age and storage on white teas, oolongs, puerh and heicha, from 1 year to over 30 years old.


Individual Tasting $20 (Students/OAPs/Unemployed $15).
Set of any 4 Tastings $70 (Students/OAPs/Unemployed $55).

Please book your seat in advance by telephone or in person before you purchase a tasting voucher. Places must be booked and paid in advance by phone or online, usually up to one or two weeks ahead, as there is a limited number of seats at our tasting table.